cPanel Applications

Find out all about cPanel applications developed Hostico, applications designed to simplify certain tasks, to protect your websites and give you full control over the account.

cPanel Applications

cPanel Applications Description

Hostico is pleased to present the latest cPanel applications created by the Hostico team of programmers, applications available to all hosting accounts administered through Hostico. Next we present you the new available applications.

Available Applications


PHP Slow - Activates/Deactivates the logging of information regarding to PHP scripts which run longer than the number of seconds selected in the plugin.


PHP Error - Displays certain PHP errors related to the applications installed on your hosting account


IPv6 - Plugin which displays the assigned IPv6 address of the account.


Web Optimize - Activates/deactivates certain optimization settings on the selected domain for a faster load time of your website and also improves the Google PageSpeed / Yahoo Yslow score.


DMARC - DMARC activation/deactivation. DMARC represents a solution against mail abuse giving the domain owner a broader control over the messages sent to various mail providers. Using DMARC the domain owner will receive reports regarding messages that were sent to mail providers and based on those reports he can set the actions to be taken for those messages : reject, quarantine and also set the clear path to take regarding SPF and DKIM settings.

cpanel mysql

Mysql Slow Logs -Display unoptimized MySQL queries performed by your application. Showing only queries that runs for a period equal to or greater than 2 seconds. Logs are overwritten daily.


Affiliate -Link to the affiliate program description page.

cpanel pagespeed

Google PageSpeed - using Google PageSpeed API, ​​this plugin performs a complete analysis of your website code, will indicate the total score that you obtained and the points where you can make improvements to get a higher score. A high score in PageSpeed ​​help your site`s visibility in search engines.

safe browsing

Google Safe Browsing - check if your site is properly validated by Google and is not marked as "malicious website".


iBlacklist - using the iBlacklist service provided by Hostico, your IP address assigned to your account is scanned in over 80 BlackLists (DNSBL) to determine if it is marked as "spammer"

cpanel virus total

VirusTotal - using the API from your site is scanned by multiple antivirus providers and determines to what extent it represents a risk and/or infected by a particular virus.

cpanel virus total

Google Apps -performs DNS changes required for activation of Google Docs, Contacts, Sites, Calendar and GMail.


Hostico - Direct link to Hostico website

cpanel client

Client Account - Direct link to your Hostico Client account.

cpanel tutorials

Tutorials - allows you to browse the tutorials made ​​available by Hostico team.

cpanel ticket

Submit Ticket - allows you to open a new support ticket.

cpanel faq

FAQ - link to the FAQ page.

cpanel suport online

Online Support - you need online assistance? Online Support gives you the opportunity to come into direct contact with the Hostico team.

Additional Information

To access the above applications, please go to your personal cPanel hosting account and search for "Hosting Tools" and "Hostico" sections.

cPanel Hostico

Customers who want these applications not to be visible in their cPanel account for one reason or another, are invited to contact us.
As above plugins works by connecting to certain public APIs each with some limitations is possible at times (when reaching these limitations) the verifications might not work.
If you encounter this situation, please wait 1-2 minutes and try again.
The following plugins are only available on VPS : PHP Slow, PHP Error.
If you also want to see other features implemented or have suggestions for new plugins, please contact us!

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