Changing the billing period

Published by Mihai Bobriuc on 2020-Oct-07
In this tutorial we will show you how we can change the billing period for your services
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 This tutorial will illustrate the steps required to change the billing period for an active service.


  •  Hostico client account.
  •  An active service.


  • After logging in to the Hostico client account, go to Services -> My Services and in the case of Domains -> My Domains
  • All services held in the account will be displayed in the open page.
  • You will access the Configuration button next to the service to which we are going to update the billing period.

Meniu servicii deținute

  • On the right, under the Overview section we will click on the Billing Period button

Acțiunile posibile de realizat pe serviciu

  • Later, to complete the procedure, you will need to select the desired billing period, after which you will access the  Update button


  • Changing the billing period can only be done if the hosting service is an active one, and the invoice for the extension of the service has not been generated in the account.
  • If you want to change the billing period, respectively update the invoice of a suspended service, please contact the commercial department at office@hostico.ro

If after reading and following the steps outlined in the article you are unable to successfully complete the described task or action, or if you have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Hostico.

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