How to create and set custom nameservers in the ROTLD panel

Published by Ana Rednic on 2018-Oct-25
This article will describe the steps required to create customized nameservers and how to set or update these nameservers on the domain


  • The ROTLD administration panel provides the ability to create custom nameservers on the domain.


  • You will need the ROTLD login data.
  • Access to the ROTLD email box (where the confirmation link will be sent to validate the actions made in your account).
  • Nameservers IP's. These IPs can be found in the email with the administration data of the reseller package, VPS, etc.


  • The ROTLD authentication interface will be accessed at ROTLD
  • We will complete the domain name and password, then click on the Continue button.

ROTLD authentication interface

  • The main interface of the ROTLD administration panel will load.
  • We will create custom nameservers. For that, we will click on Nameservers.

Nameservers Section

  • On this page, we will be able to see the current domain nameservers set on the domain.
  • In this case, we have no nameservers set on the domain. To create new nameserver we will click on Create/Edit/Delete at the bottom of the page.

Create new nameservers

  • The next page will offer the possibility to create new nameserver or update the existing nameserver.
  • We will fill in the fields from the ”New nameservers on domain.......”:
    -Nameserver: here we can name the new nameservers. For example, if in this field we will write: ns1, the nameserver will be named ns1.example.ro
    - IP Server address: Here we will write the IP address of the nameserver. You can find the IPs in the email with the administration data.
  • After the fields have been filled in, we will click on the Create Nameserver button.

Create Nameserver

  • After pressing the button we will receive a message: "An email has been sent to your email address........................... containing the confirmation key. Use this key to confirm the "Nameserver attachment to Domain" being confirmed!"
  • ROTLD will send an email containing a link (confirmation key). Once you access this link, the changes made in your account will be confirmed.
  • We will open the email sent by ROTLD and click Confirm operation.

Confirm operation

  • After accessing the link you will receive a confirmation message: The update was successful. Please check the updated data!
  • After these operations, the nameserver was created. For each nameserver (ex: NS1, NS2, NS3, etc), we will have to repeat the above steps.
  • In the menu Create/Edit/Delete on the Nameservers page, we will be able to view the nameservers created on the domain. Here we can change the existing nameservers or even delete those that are no longer used.

Nameserveres menu

  • The above image is just an example, the nameservers numbers can be different. The IP #2 field represents IPv6. It is not mandatory that your nameserver also contain an IPv6-type IP address.
  • Now, we will set the nameservers on the domain. We will click Nameservers, fill the new nameservers in the fields and click Update.

Update nameservers

  • As before, we will need to confirm operations by accessing the link sent to the email box.
  • From now on the new nameservers will be set on the domain. Their propagation can take up to 24 hours.

If after reading and following the steps outlined in the article you are unable to successfully complete the described task or action, or if you have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Hostico.

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